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26 Feb 2016

X Games: “We need RX in Oslo!”

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Sverre Isachsen, the three-time European Champion,  – now signed to the Subaru Rallycross team competing in the GRC, is eager to incorporate winter Rallycross on Ice at X Games Oslo.


Isachsen, who has participated in five X Games in the US, is now he hoping Rallycross on Ice can become part of X Games Oslo in the not so distant future.

“Norway is the world’s leading nation in Rallycross and Rallycross is now a big part of the X Games in the United States. Taking Rallycross on Ice to the X Games in Oslo is a perfect fit,” explains Isachsen.

Isachsen, currently running in the US rallycross championship (Global Rallycross Chmapionship) using a Red Bull Global Rallycross Subaru, has previously driven in Rallycross X Games events in both Los Angeles and Austin. In 2013 he took Bronze at the X Games, and is now backing the idea of ​​running Rallycross on Ice during the Winter X Games in Oslo.

“We’ve long been talking about including Rallycross during the Winter X Games in the United States, but now that the X Games has come to Oslo it seems crazy that this event is not taking place here. It would definitelt be hotly contested in Norway and with drivers like Petter Solberg, Andreas Bakkerud and myself, alongside some of the biggest names in action sports such as Ken Block and Travis Pastrana, it could become a truly brilliant specatacle. Not to mention my team mate in Subaru, Bucky Lasek, who has also won numerous X Games Skateboard Golds.”

Austin Dyne and Sverre Isachsen jumping it out. © Red Bull/ERC24

Austin Dyne and Sverre Isachsen jumping it out in the GRC. © Red Bull/ERC24


Isachsen continues:

“It is also an excellent opportunity for Rallycross to showcase how popular it is as a sport in the heart of Oslo and in front of millions of TV viewers. X Games is modern and spectacular. In my opinion there is no other sport that is more spectacular than Rallycross.”

The ‘Viking Warrior’ goes on to explain that due to the relative simplicity of setting up a highly competitive track, Rallycross is a good option for the event:

“To build a makeshift Rallycross track is relatively easy compared with other Motorsport such as Formula 1. In X Games I’ve been running for example both in the center of Los Angeles, and a football stadium. In Oslo you could build a track in the middle of town, or as we’d be running on snow and ice – perhaps the ski stadium at Holmenkollen would be a better option.”

“The first thing that must happen is that the X Games in Oslo must become an annual event, and then I think the Norwegian organizers can check out the possibility of incorporating Rallycross. I’m pretty sure the American licensee ESPN are positive Rallycross in Oslo. They know that there has been a huge success with Rallycross at the X Games in the United States, and they know enough that Norway is the world’s leading Rallycross nation. Despite that, we need to showcase Rallycross to as many people as possible in Norway. We host the Norwegian WRX round in Hell in Trøndelag, and it is well and good, but the sport had gained even more attention now and if we could showcase X Games in the middle of Oslo – it would be fantastic,” says Sverre. Isachsen.

Isachsen was a Norwegian Rallycross Champion in 1999 and 2000, and 2009, 2010 and 2011 European Rallycross Champion.

In 2012 Isachen signed a three-year deal to drive in the Global Rallycross Championship for Subaru Rallycross Team, together with Dave Mirra and Bucky Lasek, driving a 2012 Subaru Impreza GR in the championship.


Top Photo: Three-time ERC winner, Isachsen pictured in 2005 at Buxtehude in Germany. © JKR/ERC24