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27 May 2012

Greinbach is warming up

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The Sunday at Greinbach seems to be as sunny as the Saturday was. Warm-up has been completed and the drivers are awaiting the action of the 2nd Heats to come.


Under bright sunshine the Greinbach Sunday has started at 9.00h with the Warm-up for all three categories and that finished at 10.00h. Now there is half-an-hour of rest before the 2nd Heats are due to begin. Missing in Warm-up was René Münnich whose 1400cc engine called it a day when the German was leading his race in the 1st Heat yesterday. “The 1400cc engine is certainly going to be something mega, but we still do not have it under control yet. This is already the tenth time that we faced engine issues, but we are sure that the idea to run a smaller engine will eventually pay off and the advantage of running with 140kg less than our competitors is fine, as we are able to bring the weight of the Fabia down to 860kg,” claimed the Škoda Fabia Mk2 campaigner from Saxony yesterday evening.


Find the Warm-up times her:


Photo caption: “Verdammter Mist!” René Münnich all but happy after another engine gave in. © JKR/ERC24