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24 Jun 2012

Foust takes Norwegian pole

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Tanner Foust gains quickest  race time of the weekend and qualifies for the pole position while Morten Bermingrud roles his Citroën C4 SuperCar. Ulrik Linnemann wins heat three for Super1600s – Lars Øivind Enerberg again in TouringCars.


The final heat of ERC Norway produces the quickest race times of all weekend. American Olsbergs MSE driver Tanner Foust was classified as the fastest driver, making a great start in his Fiesta, and leading throughout to set a clean and extremely rapid time. Norwegian Alexander Hvaal drove a second fastest time in Foust’s race, but this was nearly two seconds slower than the American’s blistering performance. “It is good to get out in front and set clean times on this circuit. I am pleased that the youngsters are performing, drivers such as Hvaal are proving that the sport is getting younger,” said Foust (39) shortly after the heat.

Timur Timerzyanov returned to form in heat three winning his race in a re-match with Liam Doran (the pair had both gone out of heat two). “It was good to get a quick time but I think there is still something wrong with the car, maybe the front-right damper is broken,” explained the Russian. Doran took his Joker Lap first, but could catch the former teammate and qualified with a fifth fastest time in the heat. Youngster Mats Lysen was initially classified as the fastest driver, but after Foust’s display gained fourth fastest.

Morten Bermingrud caused his race in heat three to be re-run. The race, including Davy Jeanney and Kevin Procter, was red-flagged after Bermingrud ploughed his car into the rough upon entry to the Joker Lap section causing the C4 to plunge into a roll. Jeanney won the race upon the re-run and was classified as sixth fastest.

The SuperCars A final will include Tanner Foust on pole, from Timur Timerzyanov, Mats Lysen, Alexander Hvaal, Stig-Olov Walfridsson and Liam Doran.

Home star Andreas Bakkerud did not need to perform in heat three, having already qualified on pole for his class’ A final. Step-up Danish driver Ulrik Linnemann, who claimed the fastest S1600s time. Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme continued to be consistently fast with a second fastest time and Vadim Makarov third. Bakkerud’s leisurely drive appeared to test the inside line off the start line – in preparation for his A final battle this afternoon.

Bakkerud will start on pole, alongside his teammate Leppihalme, heat two performer Ildar Rakhmatullin, Pole Krzysztof Skorupski, Makarov and Linnemann.

Lars Øivind Enerberg takes heat three, and gains a clean sweep of today’s heats. Anton Marklund was fast, but not fast enough. Derek Tohill also drove well, but was only fourth fastest. Third time was gained by local driver Tom Daniel Tånevik.

The TouringCars ‘A’ will be fought out by Enerberg from pole, alongside Marklund, Tohill, Tånevik, Daniel Lundh and Vegard Åslund.