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05 Aug 2012

Job done

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Davy Jeanney wins third heat – pole position already being secured by Timerzyanov. Andreas Bakkerud seals S1600 pole, Marklund holds TouringCars.

Timerzyanov will start the SuperCar A-Final on pole in Belgium. A ‘no-show’ in heat three left Jeanney to rack up full points in the heat, Jeanney being faster than Tanner Foust (2nd fastest) and Belgian Michael de Keersmaecker (3rd fastest).

Competition still remains strong, and despite the threat of Timerzyanov running away with the weekend win, it is still anyone’s race to win.

The A-Final will start as follows –

  1. Timur Timerzyanov
  2. Davy Jeanney
  3. Tanner Foust
  4. Liam Doran
  5. Michael de Keersmaecker
  6. Stig-Olov Walfridsson


Andreas Bakkerud’s last ditch challenge for the Super1600 pole paid off. The Norwegian went fastest in the heat and bagged pole ahead of Finnish prodigy Joni Wiman. Set Promotion’s efforst have successfully secured three of their drivers in the A-Final of the so far thrilling class.

S1600 A-Final:

  1. Andreas Bakkerud
  2. Joni Wiman
  3. Krzysztof  Skorupski
  4. Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme
  5. Ildar Rakhmutullin
  6. Rene Munnich


Winning the third heat also paid off for Anton Marklund. The young Swede will start on pole in the TouringCars. Second fastest for Koen Pauwels secured second in the A-Final and a slightly slower time for Robin Larsson (4th fastest) awarded 5 points for the Swede and third for the A-Final.

The TouringCar A-Final will look like this:

  1. Anton Marklund
  2. Koen Pauwels
  3. Robin Larsson
  4. Pedro Bonnet
  5. Roman Castoral
  6. Derek Tohill


Our gallery of this weekend –