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30 Jun 2012

Topi crashes in LA

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Finn Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen has crashed his Ford Fiesta Mk7 badly during gap jump tests prior to the X Games’ so-called “RallyCross” competition.

Finnish Rallycross driver Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen has crashed his 560+bhp strong OMSE Ford Fiesta Mk7 SuperCar badly during the gap jump tests prior to X Games 18 in Downtown Los Angeles.

The condition of Heikkinen as ERC24 was informed about 30 minutes after the crash: “A broken foot, fractured ribs and bleeding abdominal, but he is ok!”

On his own Facebook page Heikkinen stated a little later: “I’m doing ok, crashed at the jump and they need to check my leg and stomach in hospital but out of that I’m good. We are already recovering!!!”

At about the same time Heikkinen’s girlfriend Sini Okkonen left this comment at the ERC24 Facebook page: “I hope that this will change something. Give feedback to GRC!!! – Toomas’s girlfriend. :'(”


Update of 4:10h: Heikkinen was soon transported to a nearby hospital where it was determined that he had suffered a fracture of his left ankle. According to an X Games spokesman a CT scan revealed no further injuries.


More pictures by Qba to be found in our X Games 18 Gallery here:


Photos taken from front:–anne-proffit-photo_100394579_l.jpg–anne-proffit-photo_100394580_l.jpg