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01 Jul 2012

Marcus Grönholm in hospital (Updated!)

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Double World Rally Champion Finn Marcus Grönholm had a crash during his Time Practice at the X Games 18 in Los Angeles.

Marcus came off the big jump and broke his front suspension. He veered off into the track wall and hit a concrete fixture on the front drivers side. The car spun around and came to a very sudden stop. Marcus was knocked unconsious from the impact. After the car sat for a while still with Marcus’ foot on the accelerator, his mechanical team came out to the car to try and free him. When they were unable to open the door, the EMT teams finally arrived and were able to open the car and shut it off. It took several minutes for the EMTs to take off the front windshield to get access to him. Eventually, Marcus was pulled from the car and placed on a stretcher and then into an ambulence, still unconscious.

After two serious crashes in two days, many of the drivers are hesitant to race until the course is changed tomorrow and more information is available about the condition of Marcus.

UPDATE: We have received unconfirmed information that Marcus Grönholm is awake and alert after his accident at the X Games here in Los Angeles.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.


Photo: The Ford Fiesta of Marcus Grönholm after the accident. © QBA/ERC24