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01 Jul 2012

“Stecka” threatens

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Gradually ‘wetter’ heat ends Timur Timerzyanov’s run of quick times. Stig-Olov Walfridsson fastest in drier conditions. Ulrik Linnemann and Robin Larsson take S1600s and TCs.

Temperamental weather conditions here in Höljes have ‘thrown a spanner in the works’ for Hansen Motorsport and Timur Timerzyanov. The final race of heat two ran in the wettest conditions so far, meaning that any heat races which had run prior to the gradual downpour had been considerably faster. Up stepped home favourite “Stecka” Walfridsson, who made good use of drier conditions, setting a so far untouchable time of 3.11,75. Alexander Hvaal finished second fastest, finishing behind the Renault campaigner in an all Scandanavian battle with Morten Bermingrud third and Daniel Holten fourth fastest. Timerzyanov took the final position in the top five fastest SuperCar drivers, leaving it all to play for in heat three.


Walfridsson leads the proceedings after two heats:

Stig-Olov Walfridsson – 3 points

Timur Timerzyanov – 6 points

Morten Bermingrud – 7 points


Ulrik Linnemann gained a race time narrowly faster than ‘Mr Baby Blue’ Andreas Bakkerud. The Dane won the penultimate race of the heat, and set a solid and rapid time. Returning from exclusion in heat one, Polish Polo driver Krzysztof Skorupski was back to form with a third fastest time.


Bakkerud continues to hold on to the Super1600s lead after two heats:

Andreas Bakkerud – 5 points

Ulrik Linnemann – 7 points

Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme – 8 points


Swedish driver Robin Larsson is so far leading the TouringCars after heats one and two. Larsson was considerably faster than any other competitor  in his class, winning his race from start to finish. Daniel Lundh qualified second fastest in heat two, four seconds slower than Larsson. Anton Marklund was the final Swede to make the top three. Roman Častoral was also fast, and a fourth fastest time puts the Czech in good contention for an A final spot.


Larsson on top after two heats:

Robin Larsson – 4 points

Roman Častoral – 6 points

Daniel Lundh – 7 points