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27 Oct 2012

Playing Polo is a Fiesta

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During the 2013 FIA ERC launch ERC24 had a short chat with Swede Anton Marklund who presented his all-new VW Polo Mk5 SuperCar for the first time.


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Young Swede Anton Marklund showed his new VW Polo Mk5 SuperCar at the 2013 ERC launch in England for the first time. And was happy to do so. The 2012 European Rallycross Champion in TouringCars is overwhelmed by his new toy. Marklund drove the car for some 25 laps during a test in Sweden. Thereby he noticed, that the Polo differs completely from the rear-wheel driven Ford Fiesta Mk7 he is used to. “On a wet track my 2012 car slides in a corner. Which can be controlled by the steering. But with this SuperCar you just floor the throttle, change gear and you are already in the next corner,” Marklund grinned. “No time to think!”