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02 Jun 2012

Timerzyanov stays on top

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Timur Timerzyanov is fastest in the first heat of ERC Hungary, elsewhere Ulrik Linnemann wins Super1600s and Roman Častoral takes TouringCars.

In the first heat of round four it was Russian Hansen Motorsport driver Timur Timerzyanov who gained the fastest race time. The DS3 driver successfully battled for the top spot jousting in a race which included Tanner Foust and Liam Doran. A strategic decision to take the Joker Lap first proved right, and Timerzyanov was able to take the lead when Foust took his Joker in the penultimate lap. “The car is perfect at the moment and I took the Joker Lap at the right time getting the win. This is a good start,” commented Timerzyanov. Michaël De Keersmaecker was second fastest, winning his re-run race and beating Alex Hvaal. Hvaal’s performance awarded him third fastest overall.

Tanner Foust was fourth fastest, although had gearbox problems. “There was a problem when I was shifting gears, it just didn’t feel quite right,” said Foust. Liam Doran finished third in his race and a promising sixth overall. Despite problems throughout most of the day, Kevin Procter was able to set a competitive time in today’s heat. After repairing reported oil pump failure, the Brit set a ninth fastest time and will compete tommorrow. Frenchman Davy Jeanney was among the non-finishers. Mats Lysen’s heat was also ended after a small fire in his car, he was consequently unable to start the re-run.

SuperCars Heat 1 results here:

Ulrik Linnemann successfully stole Andreas Bakkerud’s position as the fastest Super1600 driver. Bakkerud edged Krzysztof Skorupski in his heat, but could beat the Dane. Hansen Motorsport driver Eric Färén drove a great race and gained third fastest time.

Super1600s Heat 1 results here:

Czech Opel Astra campaigner Roman Častoral qualifyied fastest in the TouringCars. Derek Tohill was second fastest, leading his race throughout. Kim Steinsholt put in a great performance to gain third fastest after easily winning his heat. Early challenger Robin Larsson scored a DNF due to rolling his tyre off, after initially leading his race against Častoral.

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