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02 Jun 2012

Lysen halted by fire

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The Norwegian SuperCar competitor had a good day turn bad after a small fire during heat one, but hopes to drive tomorrow…


Mats Lysen entered ERC Hungary with hopes of returning to the top of the SuperCars. After a crash in Austria last weekend, the team went to the extra effort of insuring that the car would be in great condition putting the Clio through its paces in a testing session during the week.

It seemed that these extra measures had paid off, with Lysen claiming best SuperCar driver in both free practice sessions this morning.

But his luck was to run out in the first heat. In a difficult race Lysen tussled for position battling Michaël De Keersmaecker and Davy Jeanney. After some unusual mistakes it was clear that Lysen had trouble and was forced to pull off. Race officials consequently deemed the race unsafe and showed ‘red flags’ ordering the race to be re-run without the Norwegian.

“Yes unfortunately we had a small fire in the car during the race. We hope we can repair the damages and race tomorrow, but at the moment we don’t know what will happen. I am hoping that it is nothing too serious, but we have had so much badluck this year.  We made a great start this morning, and it was good to be on top again after the dissapointment last weekend. I was unsatisfied with my driving in the timed practice and it made the first heat extra hard. I hope we can drive tomorrow,” concluded Lysen.

Lysen has every chance of qualifying for the A final if he gains good times in heats two and three tomorrow, but will need his car in good shape to compete with the likes of current leader Timur Timerzyanov.