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18 Jun 2012

Hvaal: No okay for Hell – Updated!

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Third in the SuperCars class – Norwegian Alexander Hvaal has currently ‘no okay’ from his ASN Norges Bilsportforbund to drive in Hell.


This evening ERC24 was informed that the Norwegian ASN Norges Bilsportforbund (NBF) has not yet given the current third of the SuperCars point standings Alexander Hvaal the permission to take part in his home ERC round at Hell this coming weekend. While the 20-year-old got a dispensation from NBF to drive nine of the ten 2012 ERC rounds this has not been the case for his native event of the series at the Lånkebanen on June 23 and 24.

“All problems are due to speeding! I lost my driving licence on July 7 2011 for a period of 13 months, after they had caught me driving 163 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. Nevertheless, for 2012 Norges Bilsportforbund gave me the permission to compete in nine of the ten European rounds, but not the one here in Norway. Since I scored no points in England and without driving in Hell my chances for a top three result could go up in smoke. I just needed 11 points from Hell to be second of the first half of the season. There is still a small chance for me to drive my home ERC round, but I’m not very optimistic. The Police told me it is NBF that can give me the needed permission, while NBF says they must have a written document from the Police first. I have a lawyer working to let me have my licence back before August 7. If he succeeds everything will be okay. I have covered already 90% of my punishment, so I hope in the long run it will be good, but time is very short now. Meanwhile NBF is also looking at the case. I know I have done a stupid thing and I will do my time. I need to walk every day to my work also and that reminds me always on what I did. But I sincerely hope that my breach of the law is not going to ruin my chances for the ERC on top of everything else,” said the SuperCars rookie in a phone call with ERC24.


Update of June 20, 9:45h: Quote by Alexander Hvaal: “Here updates on the case. NBF has worked hard for several days, and is trying really to do this now. But the problem is that they cannot provide a dispensation as long as the rules are made that way that the permission must either come from the police or the roads directory. I know that ASN is now doing everything they can trying to get forward to those who have the last word in matters like this! We’ll cross our fingers that I get a response by the police during the day!”


Update of June 21, 20:00h: Quote by Alexander Hvall: “I can confirm that I have a starting permission for Lånke now and I will be at the start grid! A THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU!”


Photo: Alexander Hvaal (centre) pictured after scoring the second place at Greinbach. © JKR/ERC24