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24 Jun 2012

Foust praises ERC

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Fresh off the back of his second win in the European Rallycross Championship Tanner Foust spoke out about the quality of the ERC series and the challenges it poses for drivers.

Faced with some difficult questions over the future of his career in the ERC this season and in years to come, Foust defended his decision to abstain from multiple rounds this year in order to pursue his goal of exposing Rallycross as a ‘brand’ in the states.

LA X Games 18 will be played out next weekend and Foust expects it to showcase Rallycross to its biggest audience so far. “I would of course love to fight my position in Höljes next weekend, I’m eager to win everything and would love to be a future European champion but I must for the interests of my long-term career expose Rallycross to as many people as possible in the US. I have put all my eggs in this basket and this year Rallycross at the X Games will be in front of its biggest audience, using rules which are very close to the rules used here in the ERC,” said Foust.

Sat in a press conference between Ulrik Linnemann and Lars Øivind Enerberg, Foust expressed the need for Rallycross to gain exposure in order to support drivers such as Enerberg (who is financially struggling to compete), who as he says “[is] at the top of their pyramid”.

“We need to do US races to improve exposure as a whole. Then we can help drivers to gain sponsorship etc. It seems crazy me sitting here in between these two guys having the opportunity to pick between racing in one championship in Europe and the United States, with cars based each side. But by increasing exposure we can help these guys get better sponsorship,” commented Foust.

“At the moment this is why the US is important, but in Europe this is where the real racing is happening. Hungary, Norway (this weekend) and Sweden (next weekend) are three of the coolest tracks to drive on, and probably some of the best in the world for any motorsport, and this is what I want people to see. We hope that we can increase the popularity of Rallycross as a known brand,” concluded the American racer.