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03 Jun 2012

Russian in pole position

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Timur Timerzyanov secures SuperCars A final pole after second heat win. Pole Krzysztof Skorupski fastest for Super1600s. Irishman Derek Tohill highest ranked in TouringCars.

Heat 2, played out under scorching conditions, is secured by Hansen Motorsport competitor Timur Timerzyanov. Tanner Foust finished the second qualifying heat in second place. Easily winning his race in a perfect performance. Alexander Hvaal drove his Citroën C4 to a third fastest time, in what was a strategically superb display from both Hansen Motorsport drivers. Liam Doran got off to the best possible start in his race which included Timerzyanov, Hvaal, Wafridsson and Procter, but managed third place in the race and a fourth fastest race time overall. The Brit pushed hard but did not have enough gain to exit his Joker Lap in front of Timerzyanov. Mats Lysen looked to be back in good shape securing fifth quickest and Belgian Michaël De Keersmaecker continued his streak of good runs, gaining sixth.

At present Timur Timerzyanov will start on pole, if results are to stay the same Tanner Foust will start the A final second, Alexander Hvaal third.

Krzysztof Skorupksi wins Heat 2 of the Super1600s class. The Pole narrowly beat Ulrik Linnemann to the top spot. Swede Eric Färén continues to perform here in Hungary, again gaining third fastest in the heat. Fourth and fifth fastest are taken up by Ildar Rakhmatullin and David “LL” Johansson. Favourite Andreas Bakkerud only manages eighth fastest, after a collision with Rakhmatullin.

Derek Tohill won the second heat which ran for the TouringCars. The Ford Fiesta Mk7 driver was nearly two seconds quicker than closest challenger Robin Larsson. Anton Marklund gained thrid fastest knocking Czech driver Roman Častoral out of a top three finish.

The final qualification runs of ERC Hungary are now underway.


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