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30 Aug 2012

Clouds over Paradise – Part 3.5

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When ERC24 published the first information about major ERC changes for 2013 and beyond some claimed it to be nothing but rumors, others even called it lies. Today, all of a sudden, a lot of news about a to be revised FIA Rallycross series has been published. All facts or just claims?


“Jump on the bandwagon right now – or find yourself left behind!” This seems to be the plain message of today. After the makers of ERC24 got this impression from all that has been written over the last couple of hours we have checked with our several reliable sources and understood that others felt pretty much the same. “Yes, we fully agree with your statement, as we feel the same way! And we heard exactly the same from the French federation – they [IMG] are trying to put up the pressure very high.”

The following information was forwarded to ERC24: Yesterday the direction of Lydden Hill has signed an adapted agreement with IMG. As Lydden has subsequently been named as the first venue to have signed a deal with IMG we therefore believe that the British ERC round organisers are also the only to cooperate so far. We were furthermore informed that the French federation as well as the Dutch and Belgian organisers have already decided not to sign any agreement, as the proposed format is no longer the Rallycross they know. Similar information comes from Germany, while the Norwegians have a meeting with IMG by September 6, the Czechs by September 12 and the Portuguese by September 17. We also know that Sweden has not signed an agreement with IMG yet, but has recently been contacted by a third party [another media company] that is very keen to promote and run the current format ERC series in the future…

From our reliable sources we also know: That the only agreement between the FIA and IMG is that FIA has agreed with a potential promoter and that IMG has the rights to look for the needed organisers and drivers. Nothing else has been agreed upon yet. IMG has to present a 2013 calendar to the FIA World Motor Sport Council on September 28. The FIA Off-Road Commission has the duty to prepare the necessary regulations. That much about the true ERC status quo for now!

To be continued.


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Photo: Clouds over Eden – or brighter days to come? © JKR/ERC24